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Mother earth is currently going through a birthing process of a new consciousness for humanity, she is calling us all to assist in the Remembering of our True Essence, guiding us to return home to a heart centered consciousness that naturally flows in harmonic resonance with, the earth,  the stars, the elements, each other and the cycles of life.

I believe Ancient Egypt holds the esoteric wisdom and sacred keys hidden within the temples, Mother Nile and encoded in the sacred lands of Egypt.  I believe we are being called home to these lands, to  heal the wounds of separation and Re-Awakening  our soul’s memories  of the Initiates of these lands from the  Mystery Schools of Kemet.

We are told the Initiates of the Mystery Schools of Isis obtained high states of consciousness, insights, codes, and blessings from the Neters from the temples, the waters the lands, to assist them  in transcending human conditioning and opening their multi-dimensional body to interact with higher realms to receive the light, information, support, and technologies that were needed for their souls’ journey into Remembering the Oneness of all existence.

Please join us in this up-and-coming Pilgrimage to Egypt to assess the Ascension Frequencies held within these lands.  

A powerful journey into the Sacred Temples of:

Saqqara Pyramids;
Giza Pyramids;
The Sphnix;
Dendera Hathor Temple
Isis Temple
Edfu Horus Temple
Sekhmet Luxor Temple
Abu Simbel
(Pending Confirmation for Private Assesses to Kings Chambers/Sphinx/Isis Temple)

As we explore the sacred mystery teachings of each temple we will awaken our multi-dimensional light body,  expand our heart consciousness and assess the higher intelligence of one’s soul.

Join us in this spiritual pilgrimage for:

·       Karmic Clearings

·       Restoring balance of Masculine Feminine Energies

·       7 Chakra Upgrades – Egyptian Healing Codes of Light

·       Vocal Activation – Soul Signature

·       5th Dimensional Beyond Time and Space – Spirit, Soul Body, Alignment

·       Soul Star – Galactic Light Body and Language Activation

·       Planetary Grid Work – Isis Magic and Ritual

Egypt Pilgrimage: About
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“By living a life based on wisdom and truth, one can discover the divinity of the soul, its union to the universe, the supreme peace and contentment which comes from satisfying the inner drive for self-discovery.”

Egypt Pilgrimage: Image


Pilgrimage Information

   ·     Accommodation at a 5-star hotel (3 nights)

·       Accommodation on Dahabiya Nile Cruise

·       All Meals 

·       All entrance fees to the temples

·       Transportation at Cairo, Luxor & Aswan

·       Domestic Flight tickets from Cairo to Luxor and Luxor to Cairo

COSTS: 5555.00 U.S. Share Room

7,000 U.S. Single Room

15% Discount if paid in full by end of 2024

10% Discount if paid all by end of February, 2024

Deposit Required to secure your spot :

2,000.00 U.S. single room
2,500.00 U.S. share room

(Deposit is not refundable, however if under special circumstances you can’t attend and we co-create a replacement for you we will replace your deposit)


4 payments of 1,388.75 u.s. for Share room
4 Payments of  1,750.00 u.s. Single room


Egypt Pilgrimage: Imprint
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