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About Devi Ma

Devi Ma, Founder of the Priestesses of the Golden Age - Feminine Leaders of modern times, a Multi Dimensional  Oracle of Ascension Transmissions, and Spiritual Wisdom,  a gifted shamanic sound healer, Reiki Master Teacher,  Retreat Facilitator who has been traveling to sacred sites and temples for over two decades for her own spiritual evolution, personal growth, receiving initiations and teachings from many Great Masters, and Awakened Souls from a many traditions around the planet.

Devi Ma holds a space of loving presence and devotion to the sacred.  Devi is  a multi dimensional channel of high vibrational Ascension frequencies who is supported by the Council of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels  and Celestial Grandmothers, planet spirits who are assisting in her healing transmissions.

Devi Ma has been actively supporting many people around the planet in the Awakening of Spirituality for over two decades through  the healing arts, feminine empowerment retreats, sonic light code teachings and transmissions, celestial healing sounds, breath-work, meditation practices and 5th dimensional mind set re-programing. 

Offering globally a multi dimensional combination of new earth frequencies and teachings supporting in the restoring of balance between the masculine and feminine energies assisting in the awakening of the Golden Age upon the earth, a time when Love, Light and Wisdom is awakened in the Hearts and Minds of Humanity, and Peace returned to the earth.

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