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Image by Leonardo Ramos

2024  |  9th to 19th October

About the Pilgrimage

Temple of Light Pilgrimage is a calling for all lightworkers, spiritual seekers,  and initiates of the Mystery School of  Egypt to once again return home to Awaken the Inner Wisdom of one’s Soul  connection to the Sacred Lands of Kemet (Egypt).

A sacred journey where you will be initiated into the ancient Temples of the Mystery School of Kemet and receive karmic clearings, sound healings, and energetic upgrades to expand your Heart Consciousness and open your multi-dimensional light body.

An opportunity to deepen your connection to our Galactic Family through a Sirius Star Gate portal of Ascension Frequencies to assist in personal and planetary  balancing of the masculine and feminine energies.

A sacred pilgrimage of one’s soul, unlocking the hidden truths of the timeless mysteries of Ancient Kemet.


Together we will immerse ourselves in the spirituality, the culture, the history, the celebration, and the open hearts and beauty of the Egyptian People.


Pilgrimage Includes:

Egyptian Mystery School - Codes of Light Activation

Temple Ascension Activation

Egyptian Wisdom Sharing

Shamanic Sound Healing

Vocal Activation – Awakening Ancient Sounds of Egypt

Yoga Meditation

Conscious Dance 

Embodiment Practices

Rituals and Offerings

Ceremony – Blue Lotus, Cacao

Sacred Songs Singing Circle

Private Access to:
Kings Chambers, Sphinx and Isis Temple.

Payment Plan Available
Price does not include Air Fare

Hope you can join us!


Love and Light

Devi Ma


Devi Ma


Devi Ma, Founder of the Priestesses of the Golden Age - Feminine Leaders of modern times, a Multi Dimensional  Oracle of Ascension Transmissions, and Spiritual Wisdom,  a gifted shamanic sound healer, Reiki Master Teacher,  Retreat Facilitator who has been traveling to sacred sites and temples for over two decades for her own spiritual evolution, personal growth, receiving initiations and teachings from many Great Masters, and Awakened Souls from a many traditions around the planet.


Ashi Love Star


Ashiana Love Star is a multidimensional lightworker, Starseed Coach, Planetary Priestess, code carrier and designer who has been living in Egypt for over 3 years. Ashiana will be offering personal healing sessions for those that wish, tantric embodiment practices, diamond light ascension and mystery teachings from the Neteru. Working with the councils of light and star councils to hold this sacred space, in the depths and beauty of the mysteries and sacred remembrance. As we access the temple chambers inside and outside of ourselves, and journey through the star systems of the sacred Nile. ​We are awaken and hold this light for the future.  Embodying our highest soul selves.



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